No-brainer question on Dick Gordon

Posted: April 22, 2010 in 2010 elections, Dick Gordon, Philippine politics, Pulse Asia, Social Weather Stations

If Dick Gordon was leading in the surveys, will he sue Pulse Asia and SWS?

For not asking his permission to include his name among the choices?

When I was asked by Edru Abraham about three weeks ago to give a political briefing to the Kontra-Gapi ensemble (China-bound for various performances at the World Expo), I readily consented.

At some point of the presentation, the students asked who I considered to be the best presidential bet.  I responded that that would be Dick Gordon given his experience as a doer and a legislator.

I told them however that Gordon will never win the presidency because of his arrogance and an off-putting know-it-all stance.

His latest caper against the polling organizations strengthens my belief about his eventual electoral fate.

  1. Sheila Atienza says:

    I am loving your no-brainer posts, Sir Bong. It reminds me of your class discussions. 🙂

    Next to Gordon who is your bet though?

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