NBQ on Villar II

Posted: April 29, 2010 in 2010 elections, Manny Villar, Philippine politics, Uncategorized

Is he trying to make a point re Guido Delgado?

Prefatory disclosures:  I was the chief of staff of then Representative Manuel A. Roxas II from September 1994 to April 1995.

For the May 10 elections, I have my own choices for president and vice-president but I will not and cannot openly campaign for them.

As a faculty member of the state university, the University of the Philippines, I cannot engage in prohibited partisan activity as in openly campaigning for a particular candidate or candidates or a political party.

With those matters dealt with, let’s proceed to my latest no-brainer question (NBQ).


Why won’t Manny Villar sanction ex-National Power Corporation president Guido Delgado for releasing in a press conference a so-called psychiatric report on then 19-year-old Noynoy Aquino alleging that the teen-ager was suffering from depression and melancholia?

Even after the alleged author of the report, Fr. James Bulatao, denied that he ever made and signed the same report?

Even when Guido Delgado himself burdened the journalists present to prove or verify the allegations in the said report?

Even as reports indicate that Delgado (or Delgado’s camp) was responsible for an earlier faked psychiatric report supposed signed by Father Caluag?

Will an excuse that Delgado was a just a ‘volunteer’ suffice for Villar’s nonchalance?

Does being a volunteer exonerate someone

Manny Villar

from the consequences of his public acts?

Depression?  Melancholia?  Give the teen-aged Noynoy a break!

If I had my father in prison and our family friends were ostracizing (or at least avoiding contact with) us,  I am entitled to be depressed and to be melancholic.

How about the earlier Caluag report alleging that Noynoy was manic-depressive?

The new term for this condition is actually bipolarity.

Mind you, bipolarity is not insanity.

In fact, insanity I believe is a legal and not a psychiatric category.  If one is declared insane, he will be deemed not fit to stand trial and thus could not be convicted for apparently criminal acts.

I suspect that the attorneys of Andal Ampatuan Jr. are preparing to plead insanity for their client what with him declaring support for Villar one day and then declaring support for Noynoy a few days afterwards.

I repeat: bipolarity is not insanity.

I say this not to clear Noynoy because nobody has yet established that he is diagnosed bipolar.

I say this to correct public misperceptions about bipolarity.

I am a diagnosed bipolar and I am not insane.

You can ask my psychiatrist who is campaigning for Villar.

However, I have to first ask his permission  before I reveal his name.


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