In today’s Inquirer op-ed pages, I just read two fascinating if apparently unconnected pieces. The first is Patricia Evangelista’s “Assault on reason” in her ‘Method to Madness’ column.

Patricia Evangelista

The second is the piece entitled “Revolution betrayed” by Ukrainian opposition leader Yuliya Timoshenko.

Yulia Tymoshenko

Evangelista’s piece is on a botched raid by the police (particularly by operatives of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group or PNP-CIDG) last February 3 on what Patricia described as “high-end relaxation spa in the Metrowalk Ortigas Center on Meralco Avenue”. The clients (mostly men, including two British nationals) and staff (mostly female) of iSpa (yes, that is the [un]imaginative name of the relaxation oasis in Metrowalk) were hauled to the CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame without so much of a by-your-leave.

Patricia reports that a Chief Inspector Trajano of CIDG said that “the raid was a result of a tip-off from a source”; that “the police suspected that some masseurs had faulty papers”; and that “it was standard operating procedure to take everyone from the site and bring them to Camp Crame for validation” (BM: emphasis mine).

Patricia goes on: “Asked why validation could not be done on site, why it was necessary to bring these men and women to the police headquarters unprotected, she (BM: meaning Trajano) said it was because there would be too many people asking too many questions” (BM: emphasis mine).

Excuse me for a moment!

I need to LOL!

I need to LMAO!

Chief Inspector Trajano: Your SOP sucks! No search or arrest warrants were presented. The ‘suspects’ were not Mirandized (read of their rights, including rights against self-incrimination and the right to counsel, and if a private attorney cannot be afforded, then lawyers from the Public

Too many people asking too many questions!

If twenty seven people are to be brought to police headquarters without so much of a by-your-leave by sanctimonious armed men in plainclothes shouting “Dapa! Dapa!” (On the floor! On the floor!), wouldn’t you think that questions would be flying all over the place? And rightfully so?

The Dapa! Dapa! routine is usually and rightfully used if ‘suspects’ are armed (or suspected to be armed).

But the masseurs were suspected only to have “faulty papers”.


Last time I checked, “faulty papers” are not deadly weapons!

As it turned out, the raid was not successful since the tip was proven false, that all the papers were in order, and the police did not file any charges against any of the 27 people taken to the CIDG headquarters.

If we are to learn any lesson from this botched raid, all of the concerned twenty seven people should file the appropriate charges against the CIDG personnel who participated in the raid. If they cannot afford the services of legal counsel, then the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) should take up their cause. Of course, the British Embassy should act in behalf of its nationals.

A particular charge should be filed against Chief Inspector Trajano.

The charge of being aggravatingly funny.

The charge of being ridiculously ignorant and stupid.

The charge of being a master of rubbing salt on open wounds.

To paraphrase my favorite Senadora Miriam, “What were you thinking”?

And you think the bad news is over?

Unfortunately, NO!

Patricia reports of her eventful encounter with a thick-skinned “Police Superintendent Emma Libunao, chief of CIDG’s Women and Child Protection Division” who is furiously contemplating charges of her own against Patricia.

Assault on a person of authority!

Assault by questions!

Assault by many questions!

Trajano and Libunao are proof positive that some CIDG officers are quite allergic to questions.

Ayaw pa kasing umamin na nag-kamali sila, eh! (Why don’t they just admit they erred?)


Dalhin nga sila sa presinto! (Bring them to the police precinct for questioning!)

Ay, taga-presinto nga pala sila! (Ehe, they are from the precinct itself!)

These two police officers, plus the mindless CIDG raiders are the latest reminders of the conundrum that faces all civilized societies.

Who will guard our (armed) guardians?

How will (unarmed) citizens check them?

In civilized societies, the only corrective to abusive guardians is the rule of law.

In the next entry, I will discuss Timoshenko’s piece.

  1. MiaFate says:

    We have experienced the same but in a different situation, but that policeTrajano is really a ***. Her attitude is really annoying and very unprofessional. I am planning to file an administrative case to her for abuse of authority and for bribery. You may refer to this link of you like:

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