Where’s the Egyptian embassy in Makati?

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Arab people power, Egypt, Hosni Mubarak

Last 31 January, I, together with my graduate students in International Political Economy (IPE) at the University of the Philippines, tried to deliver a letter to the Egyptian Embassy in the Philippines.

The letter expressed our solidarity with the Egyptians struggling for freedom and human dignity and our concern on the violent police crackdown on non-violent demonstrators.

I consulted the gods of Google, the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and other sources and learned that the Egyptian embassy is located inside Dasmarinas Village, Makati City, near the Santuario de San Antonio Church.

The corner of Banyan and Paraiso streets inside Dasmarinas Village to be exact.

We assembled at the Starbucks near Santuario before we proceeded on foot to the embassy.  We tried entering the McKinley Road gate but we were told by the security guards that we can reach the embassy through the other Dasma Village gate behind the Santuario.

We dutifully walked to that other gate and explained our business to the security guards.  In the morning before proceeding to Makati City, I called the Egyptian Embassy and asked to talk to the Ambassador himself after identifying myself fully as UP professor.  I was referred to an unnamed female secretary who asked me if our only business was to deliver a letter.

I told her that it was our only intention and even asked for a 3:00 pm appointment with the embassy’s public affairs officer.

At this second gate, the security guards told us that the Egyptian embassy was not inside Dasma Village.

I insisted that it was, citing the phone call I had with the embassy secretary earlier.

Then I gave them the telephone number I used to call the embassy hours earlier.

They called the number (or so I thought) and came back to me that indeed, the embassy was not in Dasma.

I asked the one apparently in charge if the embassy was ever in Dasma and he was not sure.  What he sure of was that the embassy was not in Dasma.

In response to my question, he told me that the Egyptian embassy was located in a building in Salcedo Village, also in  Makati.  I tried calling the number of the embassy once more but this time nobody was answering the ringing phone.

Mubarak has already resigned.

We will revise our letter for the Egyptian people. We will congratulate them and wish them well.

However, we cannot deliver the letter unless we know the exact address of the Egyptian embassy in Makati City.

Can anybody help?

  1. sheena says:

    EGYPT Embassy : GC Corporate Plaza, Legaspi Village, Dela Rosa St, Makati

  2. Mocha Chu Chu says:

    Hello. Can someone please help me with an inquiry? I want to visit Egypt to see the pyramids. I am now in Ilo Ilo and can’t come to Manila to see the people at the Egyptian Embassy. Can someone tell me how I can apply for a tourist visa to Egypt (what documents do I need to provide, fees etc…) or if you can give me the email of the Egyptian Embassy, that would be great. My friend is Egyptian and he has invited me to come and stay with him for my vacation. Does he have to provide the Embassy with an invitation letter for me?
    Thank you for your help.
    Please reply ASAP.

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    • bongmendoza says:

      Nonoy, mukhang doon talaga sa Dasma ang Egyptian embassy. Yun din ang sabi sa akin ng DFA at mga travel agency. At maraming ibang foreign embassies doon. Mahirap talaga yung away ng Dasma Village Association at mga establishments sa loob (embassies, schools, etc.).

      Madadaan ba ito sa usapan lamang ng mga non-state, non-governmental actors?

      Hindi ba dapat pumasok dito ang DFA?

      Kung papasok man ang DFA, papaano dapat ang pasok nila?

      Bottom line: the embassies in Dasma are organs of foreign states!

  4. NDC says:


    The Egyptian embassy is indeed in Dasma village, but an ongoing feud between the village assoc. and the embassies have resulted in numerous harassment incidents of embassy visitors by the village’s security guards. I had a similar experience two years ago when I was trying to go to the Turkish embassy to apply for a tourist visa. I left my driver’s license with the village guard while he made me park by the roadside (inside Dasma) while he “called the embassy”. I proceeded to the embassy when I didn’t hear from him after 20 mins., but was subsequently escorted to the guards’ HQ, where they threatened to charge me with “illegal entry.” Here are some other horror stories of people who’ve tried to go to the embassies in Dasma:


    • bongmendoza says:

      Thanks so much NDC for your very informative comment. So, we were right all along that the Egyptian embassy was inside Dasma and not in some alleged building in Salcedo Village, Makati.

      The nerve of those SOB guards and the village association officials to deny entry and/or pester embassy visitors!

      Don’t they know that the embassies are the sovereign national territories of the states concerned?

      Let’s assume that the entry/paths/gates into the village are Dasma village assets/property. But I believe they do not have a right to restrict entry or make life difficult for embassy visitors.

      Attention DFA!

      Attention new DFA Secretary del Rosario!

      We believe this problem needs resolution!

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