I knew it!

Sort of….

The Dasma Village guards gave us (me and my students in International Political Economy at UP Diliman) the “royal” run-around when we tried to deliver a letter of support for the Egyptian people in the struggle against the Mubarak regime last January.

This after we told the same guards that we communicated earlier that day with the executive secretary of the Libyan ambassador to the Philippines and agreed upon a 3:00 pm courtesy call/embassy visit.

We consulted and re-consulted the Gods of Google Maps and we have been told that the Egyptian Embassy is located inside Dasmarinas Village, Paraiso Street to be exact.

Only to be told by the over-zealous guards acting upon the orders of unnamed village association officials (the reasons behind these orders we know nothing of) that the Egyptian embassy was not in, was not ever in Dasma Village.

Over my protestations that I had just communicated with the secretary of the Egyptian ambassador, the guards told us that the Egyptian Embassy was located in a building (the name of said structure I can no longer recall) inside Salcedo (or Legaspi) Village in Makati.

We have been had!

We were given the run-around!

After travelling en-masse from UP Diliman!

We were lied to!

And that’s quite grating since we believe we’re intelligent.

But we were definitely out-witted by lying village guards!

The Dasmarinas Village in Makati may be private property.  

However, it houses several foreign embassies and thus access and entry through village gates to get to these embassies is a matter of great public interest.

Thus, it not right or proper for village officials to decide on their own. 


Note from Bong Mendoza:

This blog entry stimulated by a comment by NDC on my earlier blog entry entitled: “Where’s the Egyptian embassy in Makati?” last January 2011.

NDC’s comment and my reply is reproduced below. 


NDC says:
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The Egyptian embassy is indeed in Dasma village, but an ongoing feud between the village assoc. and the embassies have resulted in numerous harassment incidents of embassy visitors by the village’s security guards. I had a similar experience two years ago when I was trying to go to the Turkish embassy to apply for a tourist visa. I left my driver’s license with the village guard while he made me park by the roadside (inside Dasma) while he “called the embassy”. I proceeded to the embassy when I didn’t hear from him after 20 mins., but was subsequently escorted to the guards’ HQ, where they threatened to charge me with “illegal entry.” Here are some other horror stories of people who’ve tried to go to the embassies in Dasma:


  • bongmendoza says:
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    Thanks so much NDC for your very informative comment. So, we were right all along that the Egyptian embassy was inside Dasma and not in some alleged building in Salcedo Village, Makati.

    The nerve of those guards and the village association officials to deny entry and/or pester embassy visitors!

    Don’t they know that the embassies are the sovereign national territories of the states concerned?

    Let’s assume that the entry/paths/gates into the village are Dasma village assets/property. But I believe they do not have a right to restrict entry or make life difficult for embassy visitors.

    Attention DFA!

    Attention new DFA Secretary del Rosario!

    We believe this problem needs resolution!

  1. Nonoy Oplas says:

    Bong, could it be that the Egyptian embassy address you have is the official residence of the Egyptian ambassador? The US embassy official address is in Roxas Blvd, but the official residence of the US ambassador is in Forbes Park, Makati and outside its gate, there’s a big sign, “Embassy of the United States” with a US flag on high flag pole inside the gate.

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