Welcome to philippinesintheworld.org

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Philippine foreign policy

Early last year, this blog housed the Forging a New Philippine Foreign Policy (FNPFP) blog temporarily.

The FNPFP blog is actually a by-product of a multi-disciplinary project, which I am part of, in the University of the Philippines Diliman entitled Thematic Assessment of Philippine Foreign Relations.

Now,the project (and the blog) has a permanent home in cyberspace.  To reach it, click on the URL below:




It is our (project team members and site administrators) intention to make philippinesintheworld.org the first stop for anybody who wants to know more about Philippine foreign policy.

However, that dream cannot be achieved without your participation.  The site is designed to be an inter-active one.  It features, among others, the blog entries chosen by an editorial panel.  Special attention was given an essay calling for a rethink of the centrality of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Philippine foreign policy.

We encourage you to submit your blog entry regarding Philippine foreign policy for our consideration.  We also encourage you to read and comment on existing blog entries on the website.  

As much as possible, your blog entry(ies) should not be confined to the reporting of facts but should include your opinions or recommendations, unless the facts are not well-known.  Ideally, opinions and recommendations must be backed by facts.  As presiding Senator-Judge (of the impeachment court) Juan Ponce-Enrile puts it, one must lay the predicate for an argument.

We will solicit blog entries on a rolling, rather a one-time, process.  We will encourage entries from broadest base of contributors.  We hope to generate a buzz in the foreign policy, area studies, and international studies communities.


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