US President Barack Obama upped the ante when he warned of grave consequences should Crimeans opt out of Ukraine in a referendum. Majority of Crimea’s population is Russian.  It also contains an autonomous district that houses the Russian Navy Black Sea fleet.

Crimea (the peninsula in the Black Sea), Russia, and Ukraine

Crimea (the peninsula in the Black Sea), Russia, and Ukraine

The West protests the referendum saying the presence of Russian soldiers in Crimea puts illegitimate pressure on voters.

Crimean peninsula

Crimean peninsula

To emphasize his point, President Obama received the interim prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, at the White House in a clear sign of support.

Obama and Yatsenyuk

Obama and Yatsenyuk

The United States recognized Kosovo (which got out of Serbia) some years back.  The official line was Kosovo was a genuine struggle for independence while Crimea will be a naked land grab. 

Celebrating Kosovo's independence

Celebrating Kosovo’s independence

What gives? 

Whatever happened to the right of national self-determination?

Oh, I think I get it. 

Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine

If the rump state aligns with the West against Russia, it will be recognized with alacrity.

If it is friendly with Putin, dire sanctions will follow.

Realism rules!

The situation seems to be getting more and more complicated.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had sent advanced surveillance planes to monitor Ukraine’s borders with Poland and Romania.

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus


NATO reportedly redeployed 15 jet fighters from Italy to the Baltic states near Belarus. Accordingly, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that he will offer Russia the same opportunity to deploy 15 warplanes to counter NATO activity near Belarussian borders.  The request was in compliance with the terms of Russian-Belarussian alliance.

The Ukrainian crisis is obviously of interest to the global powers and is still in the making.  

I will continue to write on the crisis.  That is, if I am not composing photoseptons for my other blog,

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

Oh, by the way, the current crisis started when pro-Western protesters (with obvious Western support) ousted pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych last February.  Yanukovych may indeed be corrupt.  The problem is he had a clear electoral mandate.

  1. Aha! Finally back into writing about politics. Let me share the following links. It seems to me that at the end of this will just be a grand stalemate. The West as well as Ukraine with all their posturing and threats towards Russia, inevitably stand to lose something on the economic end of the deal if they ever push thru with their “posturing and threats”, e.g., economic sanctions to Russia. Russia in the meantime would probably be content with flexing the muscles of some of its 150,000 troops near Crimea and would probably do its “black magic” (or black ops) to win the referendum there.

    As the author of the third link bellow suggests, Obama and the West, in the end wouldn’t have any leverage at all to do something against Russia’s chest-thumping.

    Which brings us back to Ukraine and its people. The first article below suggests that the “Orange Revolution” back in 2004 is not without the handy work of the US government and its (spy) agencies. EDSA revolution was our gift to the world, and from where I sit and having been a participant on EDSA, I seem to be missing a key ingredient in the uprising in Ukraine, like when you taste a certain dish and it might be a missing a hint of salt or a dash spice. Your taste bud recognizes most of the flavors– corrupt elite eventually installed into power in the name of democracy, the West led by the US promising support, and the military ensuring its own stake (or take) of the pie whatever scenario plays out. But how is the interest of genuine the Ukrainian masses manifested in all of this? And why hasn’t it reached the required critical mass the way it did for EDSA?

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