a fervent prayer

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Photopoetry by Crazy Horse

calm and tumults 
peace and war 
and everything in between 
humanity and hideous cruelty 
love and all-consuming hatred 
between this and that 
passion and greed 
what awaits all of us
If we don’t regain our better selves?


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  1. leilanipm says:

    Hello Bong,
    I have just been notified that my food blog, Kain Na Po unwittingly posted a FB piece that is now being challenged as a netgrab. I absolutely did not know!!! The timing of of the post leads me to believe Tina has every right to be seething. We have just connected via PM and I immediately took appropriate action. I know you re-blogged that post. I am writing to you because I am absolutely aghast to be party in any way to such a behavior.

    Here is what I wrote Tina on her wall as well as her on blog.

    Hello Tina, Kain Na Po had NO IDEA, I even asked permission to post the Facebook piece as well as another blogger’s post in May 2011. This was just brought to my attention as we exchanged PM’s. I have put the post on private until such time as I can make proper revisions. I hail from Tuguegarao and know first hand of the pansit wars since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I believe in the sanctity of respecting one’s intellectual property. I am an admin of a food group and we police netgrabs. As a result, we have banned members who incessantly do this in spite of admonishments. We even posted the article about that student who was busted to show the gravity of such an unethical behavior. Kain Na Po only has 70 posts, one “share:” that was done in good faith (asking permission and giving due credit to sources)and this ONE SHARE has put the blog in an awkward position. I would appreciate your your tempering this bad press in as far as citing Kain Na Po,please. KAIN NA PO has been associated with an unsavory “dish” so to speak. . And KAIN NA PO IS NOT GUILTY of any wrong doing, and this bad press taints its reputation. Thank you kindly.

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