Wreckage of MH17

Wreckage of MH17



While the US and Western mainstream media are so het up over the downing of MH 17 by Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists, they are oh so silent about the repeat of Israeli mass murder in the Gaza strip.



Isareli war on Gaza: Surgical strike?

Isareli war on Gaza: Surgical strike?


Citing Hamas rocket attacks into Israel, they justify Israeli’s actions, gloss over the fact that most of the fatalities are Palestinian non-combatants (including many children), and hype over the few dead among the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).


They conflate the violence of colonizers, occupiers, invaders with the resistance of the occupied, the colonized, and the invaded.


They wish away the grave asymmetry of strength between the Israeli state and its Western backers on one hand and the non-state Hamas, on the other.


St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas


In the middle ages, St. Thomas Aquinas differentiated between just wars (the wars waged by those invaded and occupied) and unjust wars ( the wars waged by those who invade and covet land and riches). Aquinas’ dichotomy applies even today.


While the downing of MH 17 and the loss of lives over the Donetsk region of Ukraine deserve our condemnation, it must not be used to cover up and deflect our attention from a more serious and continuing crime in Gaza. 


Furthermore, pressure has worked. The bodies and personal effects of the dead plus the two black boxes of the downed plane are being turned over by the Ukrainian separatists.


In contrast, Western governments and mainstream media have not exerted any pressure on the Israeli government. Instead, they support and accept the justifications of the latter.


If during times of “peace,” Gaza is an open air concentration camp, it is now a murdering zone.


Israeli civilians watching bombings of Gaza

Israeli civilians watching bombings of Gaza


It is also a sorry, sordid spectacle with many Israelis watching and cheering from nearby hills and promontories as bombs and mayhem attend to buildings and Palestinian houses.


These atrocities, these tragedies must stop.


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