Suggestions for Philippine AES-2016

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

PManalastas's Notes

Some suggestions for AES 2016.

1. A paper-based AES using PCOS (prefered) or CCOS is recommended, because it involves the least amount of manual intervention on the part of precinct officials (BEI, Comelec supervisor), watchers and goons.

2. The political parties and the public, together with Comelec, must be involved in verifying that the ballot design and the configuration input data (on CF cards or similar media) for the computers (PCOS/CCOS/DRE) are correct and complete. Any discrepancies between ballot design and configuration input data for any of the machines must be corrected within no less than 30 days before elections.

(a) For national elections, the Comelec shall call representatives of political parties with national candidates to a series of meetings in which the actual ballot design for the national positions will be presented and checked for correctness and completeness. Furthermore, the configuration data that will be used as input for…

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