sliver of hope

Posted: December 18, 2014 in freedom, Political poetry
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Photopoetry by Crazy Horse

Girl on precarious walk BW

a frisson



yes, a frisson
a sliver
of hope
continues to
reside in
my inner being

someday soon
we will
all be free

from slothful ignorance
mindless intolerance
from arrogant exceptionalism
of hegemons and kings

from bigotry and prejudice
injustice and oppression
from violence and hatred

Happy boy 2

i look forward
to the day
when we will
all be free
to welcome
and celebrate
the smiles
and laughter
of children
the joy of
mothers and wives
the rightful pride
of unsung lives
that weigh
more on the balance

than all the world’s riches
the might of potentates
the pretense of pundits
the guile of dissemblers

soon someday
we will be free!


©crazyhorsepoetry 18dec2014

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