Grappling with the Red Bull

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

bong mendoza's blog

Red Bull energy drink logo

(Author’s note:  I do not drink Red Bull; I have yet to drink a bottle or can of Red Bull. I am not an employee of Red Bull or connected to Red Bull in any capacity. I am not connected to any of the parties mentioned in this post.  I am not a lawyer; I do not believe however that law is the monopoly of lawyers.  Non-lawyers can and should weigh in and wade into legal issues.  Legal issues are not legal issues alone but they have ethical, philosophical, political, economic, and psychological dimensions.  What initially motivated me to write this post is the name Yoovidhya, a name that figured prominently in my post yesterday.)

Does a former distributor of an energy drink have intellectual property rights over the product?   Though not a lawyer, I think that a FORMER or even an EXISTING distributor…

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