Legislators, legislative committees, and tax policy making

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

bong mendoza's blog

In candidate-centered democratic polities, individual legislators exert an inordinately-heavy influence on policy making.  This is so since politicians need to develop personal reputations to get themselves elected into office and to stimulate their political careers.  Their party affiliations will not matter much in these political settings and they try to develop their reputations as reliable representatives vis-a-vis constituents, supporters, and financiers.  For the benefit of their constituents, they ‘bring home the bacon’ by way of pork allocations to finance local public works and other note-worthy projects that can generate local employment or bring desired goods and services like medicines, sports equipment, and the like to the home district.  To non-resident supporters and financiers, legislators must be able to offer divisible policy favors such as government contracts, subsidized credit, fiscal incentives, and tax breaks.

However, legislators do not participate in policy making only through their individual selves.  They do so through legislative…

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