colaboracion (multilingual)

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Photopoetry by Crazy Horse

Baybay sunset once more


septon no. 436 #kabayongbaliw

Note: As in many occasions, this piece was inspired by an #Incognito song, the title of which escapes me at the moment.

i am blessed
i am in a place
where darkness cannot reach

i am enlightened
i am in a state
that darkness cannot dim

i am illuminated
i am where
darkness does not have a place.

©crazyhorsepoetry 18nov2014


II. from Ajarn Wu Hsih

addaak iti disso
a saan madanon iti kinasipnget

addaak iti kasasaad
a saan mapagsipnget iti kinasipnget

addaak iti suli
nga awan lugar iti kinasipnget


Dawn @ Shwedagon Pagoda Dawn @ Shwedagon Pagoda

III. from Ligaw Makata

Pinagpala akong
nasa lugar
kung saan hindi maabot ng dilim

Ako’y naliwanagan
sa aking kalagayan
na ang karimla’y hindi dumidilim

Aking napagtantong
ako’y narito
sa lugar na walang puwang ang dilim

11:17am Sg

another Carles sunset

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