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am i lonely or am i just alive?

actually i may be both

i may be lonely

even if not alone

i may not be lonely

though by myself

definitely, i am still alive

only a live person can be lonely

the dead are at peace.

©crazyhorsepoetry 14aug2014

Author’s note: This piece is inspired by Natalie Imbruglia’s song entitled “Identify”.  Listen to the song by clicking the link below:


Cover photo of Sandra's Facebook page

Cover photo of Sandra’s Facebook page


she and he, he and she
lovers seated across each other
two pistols, a mug of piping hot
Kalinga civet cat brewed coffee
their meager fare

what happens next
one can only guess
will they kill each other, or
brew another mug first?


the lovers
kill each other first
after all
their affair’s in trouble
the survivor
will savor the brew

they’ve got to do it fast
before the coffee turns cold.


the lovers decided
to kill each other

but how?
a duel?
Russian roulette?
death through luck
or by skill?


the die is cast
the Rubicon is crossed
so the cliches go

lovers go Cyrillic!
after a silence
two whirls, then dual clicks
empty chambers!
loveless hearts?


after several rounds
of whirls and welcomed clicks
of life asserted

will the tragics change their minds
embrace each other
promise to try love once more?

up to you, reader
this is an inter-active piece
how would you see this end?

© 2014 cynical horse poetry